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Hendrickson Aviation

Helena, MT Flight Training

Explore the Helena Valley and surrounding areas like never before in N9064L, an award winning CITABRIA tail wheel aircraft with Certified Flight Instructor Don Hendrickson, a long time veteran of the air.  BOOK NOW!



Don Hendrickson, PILOT

Don began flying in 1983.  He holds multi-engine instrument, high performance and complex, tailwheel, single engine commercial land and sea ratings, and is a certified flight instructor.  Don completed Rich Stowell's Emergency Maneuver Training (EMT) program and received his International Aerobatic Club (IAC) Primary Smooth Patch in 2015 from Master CFI Jeanne MacPherson.  Jeanne was also a student of Rich's.

In 2023, Don spent a week with the Master himself, Rich Stowell, learning to teach his EMT program, and obtaining his Sportsman Smooth designation from the IAC.  With the blessing of Rich, Don has put together some training modules based on Rich's program.  Don covers in-flight emergencies, stalls and spins, as well as basic aerobatics in three separate modules.  In addition, Don can instruct those who wish to get their Primary Smooth Patch from the IAC.  Don was awarded by the Airplane Owners and Pilots Administration 2024 Flight Training Experience, Designated Flight Instructor for the Western Region.  Joining only six others from that area.


N9064L - "DUSTY"

The Citabria is a light single-engine, two-seat,

fixed conventional gear airplane which entered production in

the United States in 1964. Designed for flight

training, utility and personal use, it is capable of

sustaining aerobatic stresses from +5g to -2g. Its name

spelled backwards,"AIRBATIC", reflects this.

Champion introduced the 7KCAB in 1968. It was

substantially similar to the 7GCAA of the same year, with

wood-spar wings and spring steel main gear legs. The major

differences between the7GCAA and 7KCAB were in the fuel

system and the engine oil system. The engine was replaced

with a Lycoming IO-320-E2A of 150 horsepower (110 kW),

while a header tank of 1.5 gallons—located beneath the

instrument panel—was added to the fuel system. In addition,

the carburetor was replaced with a fuel injection system, and

a Christen Industries inverted oil system was fitted to the

engine. All of these changes were made in order to allow for

extended inverted flight, a mode not possible in the earlier


N9064L was rebuilt almost entirely in 2012.

In 2021 the plane was flown to the American Champion

Factory in Fox River Wisconsin to have brand new metal

spar wings installed along with many other upgrades.


Flight Training Introductory Options

Ride for One


Approximately 1 Hour. Cemetery Island on Canyon Ferry Lake, over Canyon Ferry Dam, Hauser Dam, down the river through the Gates of the Mountains, Mann Gulch, Sleeping Giant, Holter Dam, return flight to Helena. Flight includes photos in and around the aircraft. Optional flight video available upon request.

Ride for two


Two 30-minute individual flights.  Cemetery Island on Canyon Ferry Lake, over Canyon Ferry Dam, down the river to Hauser Dam, Gates of the Mountains, Mann Gulch, Sleeping Giant, return flight to Helena. Photos in and around the aircraft included. Optional flight video available upon request.

Ride With Aerobatics

Ride for One w/  Aerobatics



Approximately a 30 minute flight with aerobatics.  Flight includes photos in and around the aircraft.  Optional flight video available upon request. 

This is the premium package for sure.  You will receive the full one hour lesson for one as well as aerobatics. Flight includes photos in and around the aircraft.  Optional flight video.

Flight Instruction

  • High-performance and complex

  • Single Engine Land and Sea

  • Tailwheel Instruction

  • Flight Reviews

  • Rusty Pilot Training

  • Emergency Maneuver Training which includes

  • In-flight Emergencies

  • Stall and Spin (qualifies for a spin endorsement)

  • Basic Aerobatics

  • IAC Primary Smooth Patch Training

Rate for this award winning Citabria

  • $175.00 per hour.  Renters insurance preferred.

Rate for this Instructor

  • $75.00 per hour both on the ground or in the air.


6240 Center Drive, Helena, MT 59602


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